Think Your HOA Is Tough? Check Out These 3 Insane HOA Stories

Paige Humphrey
4 min readAug 30, 2022
Photo by Vecislavas Popa

It’s almost Fall, y’all! Fall is my favorite time of the year. Not only do we get to enjoy football tailgates, pumpkin spiced everything and cabin weekends, but we also get to enjoy the best holiday of all — Halloween.

When I was reflecting on Halloween I started thinking about some of the scary stories my friends and I used to tell each other as kids. Sitting around the campfire, we used to share the most bone-chilling stories we could think of, and pass them on to new friends as the years progressed.

It made me sad to think that these fun times with friends bonding over scary stories had to end as we became adults… but is that really the case? I realized that even as an adult, occasionally I’d come across a story so horrifying I couldn’t sleep for weeks! What were those stories related to, you ask? My neighborhood HOA!

Just like Halloween witches flying around on their broomsticks, HOAs can be good or bad. You can be lucky and be in a neighborhood with Glinda, the Good HOA of the South. It’s also possible that you could be dealing with the Wicked HOA of the West. If you’re stuck in one of those neighborhoods, you’ll probably be wishing Dorothy’s house would land right on you!

I scoured Reddit in search of the most shocking HOA stories. Check them out below, if you dare!

1. No Pool for You!

One user, DrunkenGolfer, reports that his own father in law cannot take his grandchildren to the pool because of the insane HOA rules.

The rules state that residents can only take one guest to the pool, so in the case of having two grandchildren, they’d have to alternate time there. Also, every other hour is residents only, so I hope those kids prefer a quick swim!

The real kicker was reading that if any resident was found breaking the rules, then the pool would close for a week and the offender’s full name would be posted on the bulletin board used by the community.

2. Complete Destruction

Another user by the name Dr_Bogart shared how one Friday afternoon when he was out of town, his neighbor noticed water gushing from beneath Dr_Bogart’s garage door. By this point is was 5:01…