The Plague Killing Millions of All Ages, That I’m Single-Handedly Trying To Stop

Paige Humphrey
3 min readApr 11

Alcohol is too ingrained in our lives. It’s always present at the best events in our lives like weddings and birthdays, and is unfortunately there during the darkest moments too, like funerals and divorces. And, it’s everywhere else in between.

It’s time to take a stand for our bodies. Let’s say no to the norm in society that you’re not having a great time if you don’t have a drink in your hand.

According to this article by the WHO (World Health Organization), 3 million people died in 2016 due to harmful use of alcohol. Guys, we’re drinking too much.

I say I’m trying to stop high alcohol consumption “single-handedly” for a reason. I have seen many of my health “gurus” recently discussing their move to go totally sober. Although I applaud their efforts to be healthier, I don’t want to be 100% alcohol-free!

I definitely enjoy the occasional craft beer or espresso martini. I simply want to decrease my alcohol consumption, and I feel like this isn’t a topic commonly discussed by these “experts.” It’s all about baby steps.

Unless, of course, being sober is what is needed for your mental and physical health… then more power to you!

I am on a mission to help adults, especially young adults, combat the constant pressure to drink copious amounts of alcohol while still enjoying social settings.

The journey won’t be easy. Although there are more non-alcoholic seltzer and healthier soda-type options, the constant barrage of alcohol available in every restaurant and promoted by every celebrities like Kendall Jenner and her 818 tequila or “The Rock” and his Teremana tequila will always make it difficult to turn down.

The journey will be worth it. It’ll be worth it when you lose weight by decreasing calories and sugar consumed, get significantly better sleep (did you know even just 1 drink can affect your sleep?), and have higher levels of energy.

I started to put together a list of my favorite seltzers, refreshing mocktails, and tips and tricks on reducing consumption in social settings into an…

Paige Humphrey

I’ve got it all figured out… I think.